Silos Córdoba’s R&D department, located in the Science and Technology Park of Córdoba, is developing an innovative project aiming to design a very light structure for the complete construction of livestock facilities for chicken breeding.

One of the main challenges was to come up with a highly resistant structure, weighing less than 10 kilos per square meter. Light weight considerably reduces cost of the product and its transportation, a crucial factor as main markets are outside of Europe, mainly South America, Central America or Morocco.

Another requirement was to design an easy to assemble product, integrating all parts in the production site, to reduce assembly costs and time. Moreover, the final product is finished with a high performance galvanized coating.

The facilities are equipped with the latest advances in the market and incorporate the most efficient technologies for the processes carried out in a farm for chicken breeding.

New sensor system. Additionally, the company is developing a new software to automate the processes inside the farm using detection sensors. The R&D multidisciplinary team working on this project combines the expertise of professionals in design and calculation of silos and structures, in electronics and in chicken farms.

An important component of farms is hot and cold air ventilation. This activity is being developed by GER, a company of the Gandaria group, who are leaders in climate control for livestock and greenhouses.

The main objective of this project is the globalization of Gandaria Servicios Ganaderos, the livestock division of the group, based in Jerez de Los Caballeros, Badajoz (Spain).

Sources: ABC Sevilla, Rabanales 21, Diario Córdoba, Andalucía Económica, UCO.

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