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These tanks come equipped with a metal roof that offers additional protection against environmental factors.

The roof serves as a shield, preventing rainwater, dirt, or other contaminants from entering the tank, thus preserving the quality of the stored water.

Key features of Steel Dome Roof Water Tanks


Protection Against External Elements: The metal roof functions as a protective barrier, keeping rainwater, leaves, dust, and other debris out of the tank. This ensures the purity and quality of the stored water, safeguarding it from external contamination.


Strength: The roof is constructed from galvanized steel sheet with a 30º slope to prevent water accumulation. In areas with a high likelihood of snowfall, reinforcements can be added.


Inspection Access: Tanks with metal roofs feature an inspection door, providing convenient access to the tank’s interior for regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance. The inspection door simplifies monitoring and proper tank care.

Keep in mind that tanks with metal roofs are an excellent choice when seeking a secure water storage solution that’s shielded against external elements.

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