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Steel water tanks with complete lining are completely covered with a protective sleeve, safeguarding both the sheet metal and the water stored within.

They offer enhanced corrosion resistance, making them ideal for situations requiring extra protection, such as when handling corrosive substances.

Key Features of Steel Water Tanks with Complete Lining


Corrosion resistance: Steel Water Tanks with Complete Lining provide comprehensive corrosion protection for both the tank’s sheet metal and the stored water. This is particularly crucial in projects involving corrosive materials like slurry or high-iron content water. The complete lining prevents direct contact between the metal and corrosive substances, extending the tank’s lifespan.


Time-Efficient Assembly: Without the need to wait for concrete to set, all tank walls can be assembled once the foundation is completed, eliminating the necessity for two installation visits.


 Foundation Cost Savings: The use of complete lining can result in significant savings in foundation expenses. The lining serves as an additional protective layer, allowing for a simpler foundation. Instead of requiring a complex concrete base, a basic concrete layer is typically combined with compacted sand in the tank’s center. This not only reduces construction costs but also accelerates the installation process.


Watertightness: Tanks equipped with complete lining guarantee 100% watertightness.

Each project may have unique requirements and considerations, so it is essential to thoroughly assess the needs before selecting the most suitable tank type.

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