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Steel Water Tanks with Bottom Lining

Steel Water Tanks with Bottom Lining present an excellent option for cost savings in construction without incurring the higher costs associated with a complete lining.

In these tanks, the bottom lining is placed exclusively at the base, leaving the metal walls of the tank uncovered.

Key Features of Steel Tanks with Bottom Lining


Reduced Foundation Costs: The use of bottom-lined metal tanks can lead to significant savings in foundation expenses. The lining acts as an additional protective layer, allowing for a simpler foundation. Instead of requiring a complex concrete base, a concrete cleanout layer is typically used in conjunction with compacted sand at the center of the tank. This not only reduces construction costs but also expedites the installation process.


Watertightness: Tanks equipped with a bottom lining ensure 100% watertightness.


Time Savings in Assembly: Since there’s no need to wait for concrete to set, the installation of all fittings can be done after the foundation is completed, eliminating the need for two separate installation visits.

It’s essential to consider the characteristics of the various types of steel tanks available to choose the most suitable option for each project.

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