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Metal tanks equipped with anti-algae mesh offer an effective solution to prevent the growth of algae in stored water.

These tanks feature a special cover made from high-tenacity polyester, treated with anti-UV and fungicidal coatings.

Key Characteristics of Metal Tanks with Anti-Algae Mesh


Algae Prevention: The anti-algae mesh serves as a physical barrier that blocks sunlight from reaching the stored water. This prevents algae from photosynthesizing, significantly reducing their growth and proliferation. By preventing algae growth, water quality is maintained, and unpleasant odors are prevented.


UV Protection: The anti-algae mesh also provides added protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. By preventing UV rays from penetrating the water, the potential negative effects on the quality and stability of the stored water are minimized.

It is important to consider the characteristics of the different types of metal tanks available in order to select the most suitable option for each project.

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