Panambí Yguazú was present at Expo 2012, held from August 23rd to 26th, in the district of Yguazú (Alto Paraná). The firm participated with its new business partner, Silos Córdoba, with the aim of promoting the products and services provided for the Paraguayan market.

Panambí is a company engaged in the business of metal, precast concrete and building, and from April 2012 it joins Silos Cordoba to represent it in the Paraguayan market. The firm is located at km. 41 Yguazú district.

The representative of Silos Córdoba, Carlos Palma, said the Spanish company is a smart factory that works 22 hours a day, for the development of silos. “This company is made up of other areas, such as the case of Gandaria, Matra and Indaga, which are engaged in the manufacture of pig and poultry farms and its structures. Our key product is the silo, used for storage of grain and seeds. We offer a wide range of products. From the farm silo used for feeding birds and other animals – from 3 to 30 tons – to silos of greater capacities, that can reach 30 thousand tons. We also offer batteries of silos, something more usual in other parts of the world, that can reach or exceed one hundred thousand tons” said the representative.

He continued: “We are present in several markets worldwide. In the case of America, we have an affiliate office to attend markets such as Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico or Mozambique. One of the markets we are interested in is Paraguay and that is why we are here trying to do the marketing effort needed to achieve it. We believe that in the short term we can do it. In a global context, the overall cereal production is growing and producers need a place to store the crop” he said.

He also said that each market has its particularity. In the case of Paraguay, you need to forge a relationship with your customers, since the market demands an after-selling service. “The important thing about this product is that you need assembling, therefore, to be related to a construction company is essential,” he stressed.

Palma also talked about the guarantee of good use, retention and installation of the silo.

“Besides all this, a silo plant requires conveying machinery and accessories (bucket elevators, screw conveyors, belt conveyors…), everything that makes posible the movement of grain within a plant, so that it can enter the silo and go out of the silo. And this is the range of products we manufacture.”

He added that the product is galvanized, Z 600 and Z 450 (600/450 gr/m2 zinc). It has an anti rust treatment that guarantees that climate of climatic changes do not affect the material. Roofs have a magnesium treatment which allows us to offer a 20 years guarantee.

Trade Union

The Gandaria representative mentioned that the business alliance is very recent. It began with a preliminary interview with a director of the company, Mr. Daniel Ernst at the end of April 2012.

He further stated that this trade show had a very favorable impact, there was a great movement of people. “We have received several requests for quotations from various types of silos, each according to their financial opportunities. We’ve had talks with several major companies and cooperatives, which are evaluating the addition of our silos.

Payment term – 5 years

We have a payment plan offered by the factory, where you can access a loan, no mortgage or lien, which allows you to pay your silo for a period of five years, with low interest rate and minimum basic requirements. All tailored to the customer needs and plans, favoring plotting longer-term goals, as required by agriculture.

Source: Revista Reportaje en el Campo – Download pdf

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