AC Ciudad de Sevilla Hotel hosted a new cycle of “Next Generation Leaders” organized by the magazine Andalucía Económica with the participation of Silos Cordoba CEO Juan López.

Juan López, began by talking about the origin of the company, which was founded in 1978 in order to meet the needs of automation in the livestock sector. “Today, Silos Córdoba’s business is broader and covers the conception, design and installation of agro-industrial facilities, as well as the manufacture of steel silos and handling equipment,” said Lopez.

The group started in exporting in 1995 in Chile. Their strategy was to go to far away countries where there was no competition. In 2003, they entered Eastern European countries; in 2006, its strategic plan focused on the Maghreb (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria …) and India, where they closed an agreement for technology transfer; and between 2009-2015 they focused on Africa and Asia.

He explained that one of the distinguishing features of the company is their manufacturing flexibility.

Innovation is also critical in the development of the company, which explains its presence at Cordoba’s Science and Technology Park, where the company has an I+D department to undertake new projects.

On their way to excellence, the company is also changing the organizational structure. The new organization is based on process management in order to gain a comprehensive insigh into each business and craft solid relationships with customers-suppliers.

Juan Lopez AndaluciaEconomica Juan Lopez Andalucia Economica Read full story: Andalucia Economica

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