His main asset is his family, his factory, his house and a plot.

My son is a mainstay in the momentum of the firm.

Juan Lopez Lietor’s face conveys experience over the years, resistance to many crises and the satisfaction of accomplishment in his career. The family mentality has been one of the strengths of this businessman, who has instilled in his youngest son, Juan, his wisdom over the years, being surrounded by people involved in the family project and taking hours and hours to see his dreams come true. This man, aged 72, is the founder of Silos Cordoba, a company that, as its name suggests, manufactures and exports silos for the storage of grain, flour and other foods. He retired at age 67. At age 65 he had already quoted for 51 years, two months and fourteen days. Born in Pegalajar (Jaen), Juan arrived in Cordoba at age 15. The reliability, honesty, daily work and perseverance are the values that this man has had throughout his life. He has looked the other way when someone has offered him easy money.

– Do you remember how did it all start?

It all started in 1970, after staying unemployed. I worked in a family business engaged in the manufacture of livestock equipment. When the company closed, I started the business through another company in the north of Spain, the silos being a complement to the facilities. Then the company closed and I decided to settle on my own in the silos business.

 Does your company have continuity?

Yes, the company is managed by my son Juan, the youngest of the family.

– What has led to the incorporation of your son?

He joined the company at 16 and has been a key pillar of its momentum in technology and expansion abroad. We’re in 40 countries on five continents.

– Did you imagine your company would go this far when you created it?

No. Silos Cordoba is a company that I had never imagined at first. We employ over a hundred people. We also have offices in Argentina, Turkey and Morocco.

– What sets your company apart?

The difference lies in the constant technological innovation and our committment to export. The money generated is invested entirely in our factory at Las Quemadas, Cordoba.

– What wealth has provided you this industry?

I have the same house where I started and a plot in the urbanization El Sol, in Alcolea. Everything we’ve won has been reinvested in the company, in exporting and creating jobs. We have always had our feet on the ground and we haven’t derived our business into other courses. The main wealth generated is reinvested in our company, and thanks to that we can compete on quality and price in the international market.

– The crisis has affected you?

At a funding level, as it has affected everyone else. This demonstrates how the situation is. Yet, we are growing. But this business requires more funding in order to grow, because we have to make the products and then cash them.

– Do you like to walk around your company?

I love it. I can not do otherwise. I’m not man who plays or walks the puppy.

– How do you see the situation and what would you advise to succeed in the midst of this crisis?

The only solution is to work and generate business productivity. You have to manage to compete, produce a product according to the times and keeep investing in research in order to grow and advance. If you cannot do it in your country, you have to try outside. My generation has gotten over a few crisis, but not as big as this one. In my previous stage I discovered that there is a rule that has always fulfilled: livestock has always had some ups and downs, with some very good times follewed by very bad times. The longer the good times were, the longer the worse time.

This is what happened in this time of crisis, that the previous stage has been so good that now we have to suffer the bad times.

– What do you think of the technology you use?

We have the best machinery worldwide. This has been crucial to compete abroad.

– What is needed in Cordoba?

A higher level of entrepreneurial manufacturing. In the north of Spain there is less unemployment because it’s more industrialized. Here there is only services and it has been much speculation. Many people have gone from poor to rich overnight, and now many pf them are suffering. We must be aware of the situation so as not to fall back into the lethargy in which we are immersed.

Highlighted sentences:

“All the money that was generated in our factory has been reinvested in it, creating jobs”

“We have the best equipment worldwide, which has been crucial to compete abroad”

The interview was published by Diario Cordoba. Download pdf file: Diario Cordoba Special Edition – Family Business

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