Gandaria develops a program to control grain facilities from a smartphone.

Andalusian company Gandaria brings new technologies to the traditional sector of grains. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of grain silos and storage facilities, as well as the manufacture of handling equipment; experiencing a continuous international expansion during the last 20 years, becoming a leader in the European market of grain storage facilities.

Gandaria has offices in Argentina, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Romania and exports its products to more than 45 countries. This expansion has been possible thanks to a clear commitment to innovation. The silos are manufactured in high quality steel with a new protective coating “up to ten times more resistant to environmental corrosion than traditional galvanising”.  José B. Cabrera, director of Organisation and Product Development, believes that this innovation has given the company a competitive advantage over the American silo manufacturers, “with which we compete in the same world markets”.

Remote management technology

The R & D department of Gandaria has just launched SIWA, a program to monitor cereal and other grain storage plants, which has already been incorporated in facilities across Russia, Germany and Spain. The idea is that “owners and managers of the facilities can have the information in their pocket, through a mobile device, which would give accurate information of what is really happening in their grain storage facilities. This would result in easier decision making and management from a distance”, explains José Cabrera.

Source: ABC de Sevilla

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