Silos Córdoba

Paddy Silos in Spain

Project: Secadero Mecánico Santa Sofía

The paddy silos will allow the storage of 3,400 tons of paddy rice. Prior to storage, the paddy rice will be processed through cleaning and drying processes. Location: Isla Mayor, Sevilla, Spain.

Year 2015.

The project includes


1 Silo model 12.22 / 11 with capacity for 1,000 tons of paddy rice (1,609 m3).


Handling equipment: loading and unloading capacity is 40 tons/h.


3 Silos model 10.70 / 12 with capacity for 800 tons of paddy rice (1,323 m3).



Handling equipment, pre-cleaners and grain storage silos have been supplied by Silos Córdoba.

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