Silos Córdoba

Flour Milling Plant in Belarus

Project: Vitebsk

Flour Milling Plant in Belarus.

Year 2015.

The project includes


8 flat silos model 19.10/13 of 4.700m3 capacity each.


36 truck loading silos model 3.50/5 of 68 m3 capacity each.


Loading and unloading is done at 100 T/h and 175 T/h.


14 hopper silos model 6.11/9 of 361 m3 capacity each.


Truck loading silos are placed on a square matrix 6×6.


Loading and unloading of truck load silos is done at 50 T/h.

The total capacity of the plant is 45.102 m3 for the storage of 33.800 T of cereal.

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