The grain terminal at the port of Montevideo will start with 120 thousand tons of grain and 7,000 tons of chips.

Obrinel SA – the company that has just started the construction of the most up-to-date grain terminal in Uruguay – expects to double its operating capacity to reach nearly three million tons per year of grain and wood products transport.

The terminal will start operations in April 2015 with an annual operating capacity of one million tons of grain and about 400 tons of chips.

This work is of great importance for faster loading and unloading of ships and because it will lower the freight costs, which represent a significant cost, as revealed by the president, José Mujica, who attended the launch event.

The Obrinel Project is being built in an area of ​​7.5 hectares, plus 3.2 hectares of land gained from the sea at the north end of Montevideo port.

This state of the art grain terminal will provide storage capacity and operational flexibility through with a discharge activity of 500 tons of chips and 1,200 tons of grain per hour. In the mid term it will reach 2,400 tons / hour. The initial storage capacity is 120 thousand tons of grain and 7,000 tons of chips.

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Gandaria will provide 10,000 tones silos, model 27.50/17 with Z-600 steel sheet, providing a greater corrosion guarantee, with minimum resistance to winds of 180 km/h, central tower 9.3 x 9.3 x 45 meters high, high tower of 9 x 7 x 28 meters high, weighing center 12 x 6.5 meters and accessories.

Photo: El Observador Uruguay

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