The R&D+I Department of Gandaria Group has launched the first series of machines designed in the Science and Technology Park of Cordoba, Rabanales 21. The new product is a chain conveyor to transfer the grain in industrial storage facilities.

The new machinery is more robust and offers more efficient solutions than previous models. “We have been working on the development for more than six months, together with different departments of the company. The result of this joint work has been a higher level machine. It has been a team work “said José Cabrera, Director of R&D+I of Silos Córdoba.

During the process, 2 prototypes have been developed and validated. Both prototypes have been installed in an experimental silo that the company has in the Science and Technology Park of Córdoba, Rabanales 21. According to Cabrera, the facilities offered by Rabanales 21 “have allowed us testing the prototype in a very fast way, so that we already have a validated new product, ready to market.”

Machines designed range from 5 to 55 meters, according to customer needs, and nominal transport capacity is 200 tons per hour. “The main advantage of these machines is the integration and redesign of its components so that the finished equipment is more uniform, robust and reliable,” said the Director of the R&D+I.

Previously, Gandaria manufactured machinery with more standard components but now they are designing machinery with more proprietary elements, giving as a result a more robust machine, while increasing the quality standards of the product.

Gandaria has made a strong commitment to R&D+I, which is part of its strategic plan and has defined an action plan focused on innovation for the next three years.

“We have focused on innovation, with the best teams of people and a specific budget. We used to work on innovation sharing this task with day to day jobs, but now, having a specific innovation plan, we will get where we want, “said Jose Cabrera. As he argued, this responds to the determined interest of the company to move from a mid-range to a high-end range of products and processes.

He also argues that recent data reveals that three Chinese regions are leading the world of knowledge in students aged 15. “This suggests that in the coming years, the great minds of this planet will be in China and not in Europe or the U.S.,” says Cabrera. This Asian country intends to stay ahead of the technology worldwide by 2020 and Spain can hardly accompany that level by 2020. “We have to promote knowledge and innovation if we want to stay at least where we are” he says.

Source: Rabanales21

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