Gandaria and Signlab have worked together on an application to manage the grain stored in silos.

The companies Gandaria and Signlab, located at the Science and Technology Park of Córdoba “Rabanales 21” have worked together in the design of a unidirectional software for monitoring the main parameters of grain storage facilities built by Silos Córdoba.

Rabanales 21 have indicated that the tool – created by ‘Signlab’ – is managed by a real time information ‘app’ and is used to monitor what happens in the storage facility via Internet.

The platform is used to manage the maintenance of the devices in each system, indicating appropriate maintenance timing, helping to increase the lifespan of the grain system.

A stable Internet connection is required for proper operation, either through ADSL, telephone or satellite coverage, explains Jose Cabrera, Director of Innovation & Development at Silos Córdoba. He added that this system “offers secure diagnoses of what is happening at a grain system without needing to be there and allows close-up monitoring”.

The application keeps plant operators informed of all anomalies that may occur in the system so they can be resolved as quickly as possible and further optimize the operation times.

“We have tried to make a simple system that can be used to manage one or several facilities from a single device,” said a representative from ‘Signlab’. The platform has four information sectors: grain system status, requirements, historical review and recent alerts.

Through the iPad, the user is able to quickly observe status of grain systems, silos’ level, what process is being executed at any given time, and more. In addition, it can perform an analysis of the machines and accessories that are in the installation, advising correct preventive maintenance.

The application also includes a log with access to complete historical data from date of system commissioning, and gives real time alerts of any anomalies occurred in the facility, as well as operator acknowledgment.

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