Panambi and Silos Cordoba were showcasing together at the Santa Rita Expo 2013 promoting smart storage solutions according to the needs of each producer.

The Paraguayan market is growing and more production means more storage capacity needed to store the goods. In order to suit the feeding and storing needs of the livestock industry, Silos Cordoba enters the Paraguayan market with local company Panambi, offering grain storage silos, truck load silos, farm silos or grain drying systems, among other solutions.

“We want to be present in this market, that’s why we are showcasing at this fair, but now we have some news to announce. We partnered with local company Panambi, a construction company that will take care of the civil works and installation of silos which, as you know, are manufactured in Spain. Silos Cordoba silos are manufactured according to European standards, which are 600 g of zinc every square meter. That puts the product at a superlative position regarding worldwide competition, “said Carlos Palma, sales department representative of Silos Cordoba.

He added, “Silos are manufactured with galvanized steel, are more resistant to environmental corrosion and comply with all regulations, insuring the excellent quality needed to be exposed to an open environment. Silos Cordoba consists of three business units: Silos Córdoba, which deals with the engineering, development and installation of facilities for industrial and poultry; Quinta Metalica, which is engaged in providing and installing all types of metal coatings, engineering and metal processing in different areas; and Gandaria, a division that specializes in installation and equipment of all types of livestock facilities”.

“We are noticing that in Paraguay there is some interest in poultry and swine facilities and we see that major companies have already begun to make their investments.

We have participated in a very interesting business conference at the Santa Rita Expo. We have also received an order for a poultry facility to accommodate 23,000 chickens and several requests for silos from individually settlers” he said. 


Palma said that the partnership with Panambi is very important since they are responsible for after-sales service and it is also important to know that customers are supported by a local Paraguayan company.

“The partnership started last year, but official launch was made at the Santa Rita Expo 2013. This year we will be involved in many activities due to the strong interest from customers. We offer a variety of products that can satisfy buyers needs: from truck load silos to hopper silos with a storage capacity of 26,830 tons” he stressed.

Silos are prepared to store all types of grains, such as soybeans, wheat, corn, canola, barley or other cereals.

Source: Reportaje en el Campo

Download pdf file: Silos Cordoba y Panambi en Feria Santa Rita

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