Onda Mezquita TV interviewed Juan Lopez Regalon, General Manager of Silos Cordoba, a company that keeps growing despite crisis.

In the interview, Juan Lopez explains that while many companies have decided to export because of the crisis, they had been exporting for 20 years when the crisis arrived. In fact, 82% of production and is sold abroad.

“The company is dedicated to making cereal storage facilities. We manufacture silos and all the machinery needed in a facility for the conservation of grain from harvesting, cleaning, drying and storage until further processing, which can be for a brewery to make beer, a flour mill to make bread, pasta factories, ports infrastructure for receiving and exporting cereal. Ie all processes related to the manipulation of cereal from harvest. All that is manufactured in Cordoba.”

Juan also explains that they have always been committed to research and product development, with an R + D + i department.

“Those are the two keys to our growth: innovation and product development, coupled with opening new markets.”

The company has increased its turnover by 45 since it began exporting 20 years ago, is also growing on staff -from 8 people in 1994 to over 100 people today- and is moving to a new factory next year.

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