Gandaria accepts a new challenge with the new frame structure for a poultry house specifically designed to resist typhoon winds. The 150 x 15, Z 600 galvanized steel frame is being developed for an Asian customer. The structures are manufactured using galvanized steel Z-600, which makes the structure very light. The houses are equipped with a drop ceiling in order to achieve a lower tunnel in the inside. With this design, less fans are needed with the subsequent energy saving.

The cost of energy is very high in the south east Asian region, therefore the importance of the drop ceiling design. In addition, this element has enough resistance to hold the hanging feeders and drinkers.

Given the tropical weather in the region, the suitable ventilation is a tunnel type with ten 48,000 m3 fans and four 19,000 m3 fans, for minimum ventilation. Also a spandrel will be placed between the roof and the drop ceiling on the siding. This set up will ventilate the vault 

Again Gandaria expands its boundaries in developing poultry projects.

Source: Avicultura

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