Last November we started the assembly of a turnkey storage facility in the city of Meknès, Morocco.

The plant will have a capacity to store 10,000 tons distributed in 4 silos with a diameter of 14.51 meters and a total height of 21.35 meters.

The conveying machinery of this project is from Silos Córdoba’s industrial range and has a loading and unloading capacity of 100 tons per hour.

All silos are equipped with a temperature control system and fans to maintain proper temperature inside the silos.

The silo plant can be controlled through a temperature control cabinet manufactured by Silos Córdoba.

The assembly is at an advanced stage and we estimate the delivery of the plant will be made by the end of January.

Finally, we would like to thank the Bassatine group for their confidence in our company.

You can see some pictures of the turnkey storage facility:

Turnkey Storage Facility in Morocco Grain Storage Facility Meknes Turnkey Storage Facility MoroccoGrain Storage Facility in Morocco Grain storage plant Morocco Turn key Storage Facility Morocco

Grain Storage Facility Morocco

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