Grain silos are not isolated structures. They have steel structures that allow their support or the support of the handling equipment, structures that allow access for maintenance, the connection with the machinery or with other installations within the facility.

The extension of the grain storage plant we have carried out in Valladolid, Spain, required the design of a series of structures to fit perfectly with the silos and other elements within the facility. These are some of the structures we have designed:

A 6.5 m. high pit access ladder, a partially closed elevator tower, an intake pit warehouse, and catwalks.

The catwalk connects the existing factory with the elevator tower. This catwalk is 3 m wide and 68 m long, and houses 2 chain conveyors, with a capacity of 200 tons/hour each.

The facade catwalk connects the main catwalk with the fire escape.

The elevator tower is installed in facilities where the reception of grain is centralized in a group of elevators. In this case, the tower is made of tubular profile S275JR and is partially closed up to 11 meters.

The 6.5 m. high access ladder allows access to the pit where the conveyor, which leads the product to the elevators, is located.

The intake pit warehouse – with a width of 6m, a height of 11m and a length of 17.5m – has a trapezoidal plate enclosure. The intake pit receives the product, that falls into the conveyor through a hopper.

Gandaria keeps this harmony between structural systems, conveying systems and grain storage, and works with cutting edge technologies to provide efficient structural systems tailored to the particular needs of each facility.

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Photo gallery:

Image 1: Elevator tower and intake pit warehouse layout.

Image 2: General layout of storage plant.

Image 3 and 4: Partially closed elevator tower with attached intake pit warehouse. Rear side view. Made of laminated and tubular steel profiles S275JR. Tower dimensions: 5,5×5,5m wide and 32,5m high. Trapezoidal sheet enclosure. View of the cantilevered (floating) staircase.

Picture 5: Partially closed elevator tower with attached warehouse. Frontal side view. View of the intersection of the catwalk, the tower, and the hoist beam at the top of the tower.

Image 6: Intake pit warehouse. Frontal side view. Width of 6m, height of 11m, and length of 17.5m. Trapezoidal sheet enclosure.

Image 7: Towers and catwalks. The towers are made of tubular profile S275JR, the catwalk is made of S275JR steel laminated profiles. This catwalk connects the existing factory with the elevator tower, and houses 2 chain conveyors with an output of 200Tn/h each. It is 3m wide and 68m. long. View of the facade catwalk that connects the main catwalk with the fire escape.

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