The new factory of Silos Cordoba Group is being built in Brazil, in the city of Cuiabá, Mato Grosso State.

That region of Brazil is characterized by high production of grains, soybeans and corn, and internationally known for harboring a particular ecosystem, “Pantanal mato-grosense”. An ecosystem in which, due to its topography and rainfall patterns – 6 months of heavy rains and 6 months of drought – the valleys are filled (flooded) and emptied regularly.

It is an environment of many animal species, the most striking being crocodiles, leopards and anacondas.

The city of Cuiabá is located at the entrance of that ecosystem and, therefore, it is common to see some of these animals in their environment.

The land acquired by Silos Cordoba do Brasil, despite being within an industrial area, is close to areas of environmental protection and, although today we have 2 neighbours already installed, a feed mill and an industrial backery, the ground was covered by vegetation of medium size and in the sidewalk we found a small lake that was covered by aquatic vegetation.

We started clearing the land on October 21.

Obras Silos Cordoba do Brasil

Fabrica Silos Cordoba do Brasil

In recent days, we were visiting the premises and discussing the new project.

In the photo below, from left to right, Federico Benedini, representative of Silos Cordoba Spain for Silos Cordoba do Brasil, Mr. Ralph Rueda, Brazilian managing partner of Silos Cordoba do Brasil, Mr. Roberto Benedini, representative of Silos Cordoba Spain for Latin America and Sergio Duarte, sales manager of Silos Cordoba Spain for Latin America and Southern Africa, and now commercial director of Silos Cordoba do Brasil.

Equipo Silos Cordoba Brasil

Curiously, we found a “good friend of the nature” in all its magnitude in the Pantanal ecosystem, which had its nest on the pond bottom terrain. A magnificent anaconda duly collected by the local environmental police.

Good omens for Silos Cordoba do Brasil!

ANACONDA en terremo Silos Cordoba do Brasil

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