The business growth experienced by the Gandaria group in recent years made necessary to expand the company facilities, which includes the production area and the offices.

Gandaria decided to set up at the Science and Technology Park Rabanales 21 in Cordoba. It is an environment that fosters the creation of business synergies, entrepreneurship and product innovation. It is also supported by the physical presence and the similar professional goals of the University of Córdoba.

It is located in a strategic plot of 30,000 m2, bordered by the railroad tracks of the high-speed train (AVE) and freight trains, which will enable the reception of raw materials and the shipment of finished products by train in the mid term. It also has a direct connection to Córdoba city center, thanks to a stopping commuter train that is about 500 meters away, and a bike path that connects the park with the city.

The outdoor space is conceived as a network of gardens, rest areas, car and bike parking lots linking the 10,000 m2 manufacturing area with the 1,400 m2 office building.

New Silos Cordoba officesThe manufacturing plant is divided into three areas: a raw materials reception and storage area; a processing area that houses the forming, bending and punching lines; and a finished product area, where the final products are ready for delivery.

Silos Cordoba manufacturing plant 2 The administrative area is located in an open space in the shape of a silo representing the corporate image of the company. The metal silo is designed as an architectural element. The symbolic value of the company will dominate the landscape, compared to other buildings that make up the Technology Park.

The building exterior is conceived as a cylindrical body topped by a conical shape, with a continuous, closed Anthra zinc facade, perforated and corrugated with the proper aspect of a grain silo.
Metal silo Silos Cordoba headquarters

Austere in its exterior appearance, it is more welcoming inside. Light, spatiality and inner transparency communicate with the metal shell. The few materials used in the interior enhance these qualities, trying to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. White walls, color that best receives sunlight, transparent partitions to let light be present in every corner and the warmth of the wooden floors.

Silos Cordoba offices

The central space in the middle becomes the heart of the project, acting not only as a space character, but as a thermal center of the building, allowing to control the natural ventilation cycles.

Thanks to the central oculus natural light coming through the skylight is in charge of defining each space. This open space continuous down to the basement in a zone of natural materials, water and vegetation, allowing a fusion between the outside and the inside.

Silos Cordoba ceiling

The complex is the work of Cordovan study LMV Architects, with the participation of numerous local businesses.

This is a step forward in the ongoing success of a Cordovan company that was created in 1975, and continues in a line of development and constant innovation.


Metal silo Silos Cordoba headquarters

Silos Cordoba manufacturing plant

Silos Cordoba office interior Silos Cordoba interior Silos Cordoba interior Silos Cordoba interior

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