The assembly of the Indeika new grain storage facility is at an advanced stage. The new facility, for the storage of maize and wheat is located in Russia, in the Tambov Region and will supply a Feed Mill.

The grain storage plant is part of the “Tambovskaia Indeika” project, promoted by the Fuertes Group and the Russian holding Cherkizovo Group for the production and commercialization of turkey meat in Russia.

The total capacity of the facility is 111.924 m3 for the storage of 84.000 T of cereals.

The project includes 6 falt bottom silos of 17.237 m3 capacity each, 4 flat bottom silos of 1063 m3 capacity each and 10 hopper silos of 425 m3 capacity each. The reception of raw materials is done by truck and train. Loading is done at 200 T/h and unloading at 120 T/h.

The storage facility is also equipped with pre-cleaners, dryers and bag filter systems.

It is expected to be running by the end of 2015.






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