The grain storage facility built in Egypt by Silos Cordoba has a capacity of 56,000 tons of wheat grains and is one of the largest projects in the region.

The project was installed in 6 of October city, 45 km from Cairo, with total capacity 56,000 ton of wheat distributed over 8 silos type 20,63/21. Machinery used for charging in this project was 200 ton/h, and for unloading silos was 100 ton/h from each side of silos collected on one chain in the middle 200 ton/h giving flexibility to unload two silos at the same time to the Elevator.

The mechanical and electrical materials of the whole project were manufactured within 3 months, preparation of 8000 m³ of concrete was done in parallel in the same 3 months with 24 hours of work. Then, the project installation and testing was finished and ready to work within 4 months.

The project has been working with high efficiency for eight months already and is one of the largest projects in the area of Cairo and Giza in terms of size and storage capacity of silos for storing and supplying customers and mills.

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