Ferrero storage facility for hazelnuts in Chile is already up and running with its two lines of hopper silos built by Silos Cordoba.

The project includes 12 hopper silos 45º, nearly 7 meters in diameter each, to store about 6,000 tons of hazelnuts in total.

The reception is performed through 2 hoppers equipped with 2 elevators of 30 ton/h each, that feed 2 rows of 6 silos each arranged in parallel.

Ferrero, fourth largest confectionary company in the world, decides to store hazelnuts to preserve quality, as it is one of the most important raw material used in the production of its products, such as Nutella, Kinder Surprise eggs, etc.

The company has agreements with small farmers in the area to buy their annual production and cares about establishing long-term relationships, since the excellent quality of raw materials is a key factor in the success of Ferrero products.


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