Different Gandaria departments have worked together in the analysis of customer needs, as well as the calculation, 3D design, exploded view drawing and installation of an inclined ladder and perimeter gateway to access the inside of the silo for maintenance.

Planning and carrying a project from the beginning is very rewarding, but some times we have to solve the needs of customers with old facilities that require some adjustments in order to keep them running.

In the town of Cartagena (Murcia, Spain) we have recently completed the installation of an inclined ladder and a perimeter walkway for an existing flour silo in order to create an access for the internal maintenance of the silo’s concrete hopper.

3D view silo access

The silo was built a few decades ago and required an access that complied with current regulations. Therefore, several departments of Gandaria have worked together to comprehensively address the needs of the client and ensure the implementation of the access system for the silo maintenance, including the uptake of the particular requirements of the installation, engineering calculation, 3D design, exploded view drawing and the installation of the developed product.

access for internal maintenance of silo

Both the perimeter walkway and the access ladder are made of standard laminate S-275-JR hot dip galvanized material with a high elastic limit, in compliance with the Eurocode and CE marking of structural steelworks regulations in force, providing an efficient functional and ergonomic solution for the access of workers to carry out maintenance tasks.

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