We are carrying out the installation of an animal feed processing plant, with a capacity of 50 TPH, consisting of a grain storage area – particularly for corn and flour – and a processing area for animal food production.

Feed Plant Project Agroebenezer, CA is located in the Industrial Area of Chivacoa, Avenida Sorte, Bruzual municipality, Yaracuy, with a land area of ​​78 311 m2.

The corn storage area consists of 6 Silos model 20.63 / 16 each, with a storage capacity of 6779.50 m3 , which results in 5084.63 metric tons of corn, so that the feed plant will have a total storage capacity of 30,507.78 metric tons of corn.

The assembly of the silos has been completed, and there are plans for future expansion to double the storage capacity.

The flour storage area consists of two grain warehouses, the first one for the storage of sub-products, whose dimensions are 30x42m with a storage capacity of 4,100 metric tons of flours, such as meat flour, viscera meal, feathers flour, wheat bran, rice flour, corn cake, sugarcane bagasse and stuffed grass. The warehouse structure is at an advanced phase of assembly. The second grain warehouse will be used for the storage of soybean, with dimensions 40x72m and a capacity of 13,500 metric tonnes. This structure is 80% assembled.

The process area consists of a warehouse of dimensions 40x102m with an enclosure which houses all the structures that serve as support for machinery, whose dimensions are 24m long and 34.5m high. This warehouse is currently under construction.

The process area houses a support structure of 16 cells for dosing and weighing, each cell having a capacity of 43m3 for a total of 515 metric tons; and a support structure of 4 silos for the storage of minerals, with a unitary capacity to store 110 metric tons of minerals, such as phosphate, calcium carbonate, biofos, among others. After this process lies a Grinding-Mixing structure with additions of flours by circular Silos and augers for a precise dosage. The process continues with two fully equiped pellet towers with the possibility of incorporating two towers in the future. The towers are constituted by a series of slabs that support the equipment related to the different processes, with a height of 13,95m including compensation cells for the main equipment (pelletizer).

Finally, the plant also has a bagging and finished product area, that consists of 8 high hopper silos, model 3.05 / 7 with 60° cone and a capacity of 65m3 each.

The phase of installation of internal structures and machinery is expected to begin in July 2015.

The plant also has two hoppers entrances, one for flour reception and the other for grains reception, which are already installed.

Finally, the plant has a complete conveying system consisting of belt conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors with tripper, screw conveyors and bucket elevators, all of them being assembled at that moment.

The plant is estimated to be in operation by mid-2016, culminating this way with one of the larger plants assembled by Eurofeed Venezuela, CA.


1 Iniciacion obra civil silos asentados

FIG 1. Beginning of flat bottom silos Civil Works. Source: Leidy Rojas (February 2014)

2 Iniciacion montaje silos asentados

FIG 2. Beginning of the assembly of flat bottom. Source: Leidy Rojas (May 2014)

3 Avance montaje silos asentados

FIG 3. Assembly of flat bottom silos. Source: Leidy Rojas (July 2014)

4 Elevacion de los silos mediante elevadores hidraulicos

FIG 4. Erection of the silos for assembly by hydraulic elevators. Source: Leidy Rojas (August 2014)

5 Flat bottom Silos for feed processing plant

FIG 5. Flat bottom silos model 20,63/16. Source: Leidy Rojas (May 2015)

6 Grain silos with tunnel

FIG 6. Storage silos with tunnel to cover catwalk. Source: Leidy Rojas (May 2015)

7 Flat bottom silos for animal feed plant 7 Silos asentados planta procesadora de alimento balanceado

FIG 7. Flat bottom silos model 20,63/16. Source: Leidy Rojas (May 2015)

8 Obra civil nave de subproducto

FIG 8. Beginning of civil works of byproduct warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (August 2014)

9 Subproduct warehouse for feed processing plant

FIG 9. Assembly of the byproduct warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (May 2015)

10 Obra civil nave de soja

FIG 10. Beginning of civil works of soja warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (February 2014)

11 Assembly of soja warehouse

FIG 11. Assembly of soja warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (December 2014)

12 Montaje nave de soja para planta alimentos balanceados

FIG 12. Assembly of soja warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (April 2015)

13 Assembly of soja warehouse for animal feed plant

FIG 13. Assembly of soja warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (May 2015)

14 Colocacion techo nave de soya

FIG 14. Installation of soja warehouse roof. Source: Leidy Rojas (June 2015)

15 Nave de proceso planta de alimentos balanceados

FIG 15. Assembly of processing warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (May 2014)

16 Processing warehouse for animal feed

FIG 16. Assembly of processing warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (May 2014)

17 Assembly of proccesing warehouse in Venezuela

FIG 17. Assembly of processing warehouse. Source: Leidy Rojas (June 2015)

18 Avance montaje nave

FIG 18. General view of the assembly works. Source: Leidy Rojas (June 2015)

19 Vista aerea planta de alimentos balanceados para animales

FIG 19. Aerial view of the animal feed plant. Source: Fusión Proyectos (July 2013)

20 Aerial view animal feed processing plant Venezuela 20 Vista aerea planta animales balanceados Venezuela

FIG 20. Aerial view of bathrooms, changing room and recreation area. Source: Fusión Proyectos (July 2013)

21 Aerial View feed processing plant

FIG 21. Aerial view of the feed plant 2. Source: Fusión Proyectos (July 2013)

22 Vista aerea planta alimentos balanceados

FIG 22. Aerial view of the feed plant 3. Source: Fusión Proyectos (July 2013)

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