The civil works of the grain storage facility for sorghum we are going to build in Nigeria is 75% completed. This is just the first of many project that Gandaria expects to be building in Nigeria.

The grain sorghum silos will be located in Kaduna State, a state in north-western Nigeria. It is our first turn-key project in that country.

Agriculture accounts for an estimated 56 percent of Kaduna’s GDP and employs approximately 4 million people. The sector is dominated by wet season planting and an irrigated dry season planting. Most farmers currently produce cereal crops such as maize, sorghum, millet and rice during the rainy season. Cereal crops are exported to surrounding states and are an important source of cash.

Kaduna State government has reiterated its commitment to transform the agricultural sector from subsistence to commercial farming. “There is need to empower youths and women to embrace agriculture as a lifelong career and also avoid relegating the sector as befitting only the old and illiterate”, stressed Governor Nasiru El-Rufai during the state’s latest agricultural summit.

The new grain storage facility of Zecool Investment Company Limited consists of 2 flat bottom silos with a capacity of 1,336 m3 each. It will be equipped with an intake pit of 20 tons/hour, and with the most complete cleaning system we have done to date. The cleaning system includes De-awner, Stone Separator and Magnetic Separator.

The storage facility will also be equipped with ventilation and temperature control, a control panel, gateways, sensors, and the new industrial discharge gates recently launched to the market: new industrial discharge gate

It is a turnkey project and it is the first of many projects we are planning to do in the area.

Photos of civil works in the grain storage facility of Nigeria, which is 75% completed:

Grain storage facility Nigeria Grain storage facility Nigeria Grain storage facility Nigeria Sorghum grain silos Nigeria

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