Gandaria Livestock Services, a company of the Silos Cordoba Group, has acquired the production unit of GER, a leader in providing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for livestock.

The production unit that we have recently acquired comprises: Livestock and industrial machinery, trademarks and patents as well as part of the workforce, from which we have selected positions of responsibility and experience to give continuity to the production, marketing and after sales service.

Javier-AlastueyLeading the sales department, Javier Alastuey continues as its director with over 25 years in GER and accredited industry knowledge and solutions for the livestock farms needs.

The after sales service is run by Rafael Marín, more than 30 years in GER. He is a technician with extensive experience and maximum dedication.

Regarding production, we are keeping part of GER’s machinery and will also be using Silos Cordoba’s state of the art machinery, distributed in 3 facilities, one of them, a brand new 10,000 m2 facility that hasn’t even been officially opened. For the cases of plastics injection, we have hired companies with QC onsite and offsite, to ensure the high strength of the products.

Gandaria Group will provide the expertise in metal sheet transformation and management to develop and expand the product line, where its R&D department plays a crucial role. This, combined with the group policy of continuous improvement, will confirm GER as a leader in providing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for livestock, with their well known products already available and the incorporation of new materials and updated design required by a market in constant evolution.

Gandaria will expand the distribution network in the 24 countries where it operates and in the new markets that are currently opening. We will be pleased to help you solve your needs in our new facilities.

We are located at:

Polígono Centrovía. C/ Los Ángeles Nº 32,  50198 La Muela, Zaragoza

Tel: 976 463838



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