The SF tubular agricultural conveyors developed by Gandaria have been designed to fulfill your expectations in terms of durability and economy of operation. They are very affordable, have a high rotational speed and a small size in relation to their transport capacity, which make them ideal for installations where space is limited.

The construction in quality S350GD galvanized steel with Z600 coating, the simple design and the quality of the components guarantee the high level of reliability and robustness of our range of tubular screw conveyors.

They have a hot-dip galvanized finish that is very durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, the SF tubular agricultural conveyors have a high filling capacity, which can reach up to 90% and are designed to operate in almost any position, from horizontal to vertical, so they are very suitable for installations with little space.

We invite you to discover our range of tubular screw conveyors by clicking here: Tubular screw conveyors

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