The St Thomas Aquina’s Award we have received from the University of Córdoba comes from 3 key pillars, which are innovation, the training of students and our support to Rabanales 21 Technology Park.

1. In 2013, Gandaria launched the Research & Development Department which I have the privilege to manage. We are a team of 12 people committed to the development of high level solutions in the agro-technological industry, solutions that must work and grow in an increasingly global, saturated and competitive market. We are aware that only intelligence and specialization can guarantee our position. From that date, we have developed a new range of industrial handling machinery with the highest quality standards worldwide. Handling solutions that are already installed in our projects in Kazakhstan, Uruguay, Russia and other countries.

Gandaria allocates around 1% of the budget to research and development, a figure that may seem small when compared to a multinacional company, but well above the average in the context of a family business of 130 employees.

2. Another of the reasons we have been given that prize, has been our contribution to the training of students and the promotion of students employability. We maintain close cooperation with the University to help students make first contact with the business world. We foster training in a responsible way, by offering high quality contents, but also tough standards, with the aim to train the students to face their profesional future in a realistic manner.

3. Finally, we have received this award for our support to promoting the innovative potential of Rabanales 21 Technology Park. The Technology Park represents the ideal scenario for an exporting company that is present in 40 countries and has a clear commitment with Innovation, Research and Technology. The synergies and relationships that can be established in an environment like this are priceless, not only with the University, but also with other companies committed to research & development.

We would like to thank the the Technology Park management for their invaluable collaboration and effort to make the Gandaria project possible. And of course, we’d also like to thank the University of Córdoba for having given us the St. Thomas Aquina’s award.

Photos of the awards ceremony:

University of Cordoba Awards Awards ceremony UCO St Thomas Aquina Awards

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