We are launching the Silos Córdoba’s grain spreader, specially designed to favour the filling of the silo at its maximum capacity, get a more efficient grain aeration to help maintain its quality, and reduce energy consumption.

The Silos Córdoba’s grain spreader is an optional accessory that gently distributes the grain throughout the silo using gravity. The force of falling grain against the spreader avoids the accumulation of grain at the center of the silo, thus ensuring full storage capacity.

The spreader evenly distributes the grain as the silo is filled, thus achieving more uniform aeration of the grain, and consequently, it improves energy efficiency.

In terms of operation, a small motor transmits the movement to the spreader through a V-belt. This spreader model is efficient even for large diameter silos thanks to the centrifugal force reached by the grain.

We invite you to discover more details of the motorized grain spreader by clicking here: Grain spreader

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