Gandaria offers BIM technology for its implementation on our client’s industrial projects: a comprehensive solution to cater their structural and business needs.

A Building Information Model is a digital representation of the physical and the functional characteristics of a three-dimensional element such as machinery, structures, vehicles, an aircraft or a storage facility.

It serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about a project, establishing a reliable basis for project-team decisions, reducing design time and errors, and providing effective management in manufacturing, construction and assembly.

BIM technology has rapidly evolved in the last decade and it has increased its potential dramatically, offering companies a direct improvement of their work processes in all phases of the life of the product.

In the engineering phase, BIM provides a link between the geometry of the product, the relationship with space and the information of quantities and properties of the elements that compose it, to effectively control the design process.

BIM Technology for Silos Assembly

In the manufacturing phase, the amounts of materials and shared properties can be easily extracted to optimize the products manufacturing process. The three-dimensional information can be used in any computer devices that the operator wishes to use.

Industrial Project ManagementIt is in the final stages of construction and assembly where there has been a major advance in BIM technologies. In recent years, we have brought the benefits of this technology from the technical office to the project facilities.

Through iOS or Android apps, supervisors can efficiently manage the assembly and construction of the machinery parts and structures developed by using BIM technology from their Tablet or Smartphone. BIM offers them all component features in real-time (weight, length, type of item, marking assembly, finishing, hole diameters, screw metrics, etc.), which contributes directly to reducing time and errors in its processes and increasing the quality of service.
BIM Technology for Silos Assembly

Silos Córdoba, a company that focuses its processes on the quality of its products, has a long history in the use of Building Information Modeling for engineering and Reasearch & Development. In recent years, with the aim of improving service quality, it has incorporated BIM for assembly and monitoring processes. This way, we offer our clients a comprehensive solution to cater to their structural and business needs.

Industrial Project Management


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