The population growth and poverty reduction in emerging countries are some of the factors that are contributing to increased food demand worldwide, especially cereals and meat.

  “It’s population who moves the demand for food products. It’s not only that we are more and more people; it is that we are talking about food. At the end of the day, if your budget is too tight, food is the last thing you stop buying, and agricultural products listed are precisely the most basic of all foods” analyst at Rabobank recalls in this article.

And according to Ole Hansen from Saxo Bank, “Reducing poverty in emerging countries shows no sign of reversing. The fact that many emerging markets are currently living a time of slower growth shows no signs that it will mean a reversal in demand. There are also changes in the diet of emerging countries. With largest family income in the newly industrialized countries, foods such as cereals and especially meat, have gained weight in the basket of the middle classes. “Once you find the taste for a better food, it is very difficult to reverse.”

In this scenario, grain storage solutions are crucial to cope with the increased demand for food products by the population.

At Silos Cordoba, as manufacturers of steel silos for grain storage, we are aware of this growing trend and we continue to innovate every day to provide solutions that fit emerging trends and market needs.

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