AGRAGEX,within the Sector Plan on behalf of ICEX Spain, Export and Investment 2014 has organized a trade mission to the Philippines and Indonesia.

Ten companies, including Silos Cordoba, will attend this trade mission in order to access the Indonesian and Philippine market through trade offices in these two countries.

The agricultural sector in the Philippines involves 14% of GDP, the service sector has greater relevance since it involves 55% of the country’s wealth.

47% of the total land area is arable, being Mindanao the region with the highest agricultural potential.

The agricultural sector in Indonesia employs 42.8% of the population, and involves 24.8% of the total area of the country, of which over 48,000 ha. are irrigated.

The country is the largest producer of palm oil in the world in addition to producing high-value crops such as cocoa, gum arabic and coffee.

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