We submitted our bid for the eleventh edition of the Alas Awards to the Internationalization of the Andalusian company in the category “Export Company” and “Implementation Abroad”. Already in 2008 we were nominated in the category of Export Company, in recognition to our strong track record in international sales.

A total of 142 companies have submitted our bid to compete for for the “Alas” Awards to the Internationalisation of Andalusian Companies, awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, through Extenda – Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia. The purpose of this award, which this year celebrates its eleventh year, is to grant institutional and social recognition to Andalusian companies which stand out due to their export activities as well as their international expansión, at a time where exports reach records and are more decisive than never in the running of the regional economy.

Precisely the current “Alas” Awards, whose nominations phase just ended, has the highest number of registered companies. These awards are given in four categories: Introduction to Export, Export Company, Implementation Abroad  and International Career. In the first three categories, companies must submit their applications in order to be elected, while the category of ‘International Career’ is granted by the main jury from among the nominations of their own members. The winner in this category must be an Andalusian company that has consolidated its presence and recognition in international markets, and contributed to raising awareness of Andalusia.

Participation in these awards has been balanced by the economic sector the companies represent. The most represented macrosector is food and agriculture, with 41 candidates, 38 are industrial companies, 33 consumer and 30 services.

According to Extenda, the Andalusian exports stood at 25.055 million euros in 2012. In 2013, with the most recent data (January-August), Andalusian exports have grown by 7.2% over the same period last year, up from 18,000 million euros, which is double of exports in the same eight months of 2009. Andalusia is the fastest growing community in Spains in terms of exports, third in the ranking of exports.

To decide on the finalists in each of the eight Andalusian provinces of these three categories, the jury will meet on November 25 to 28. Companies that are selected as finalists in each province and category, will be competing for the ultimate prize, which will provide the main jury in December.

The provincial jury members, who actively participate in the development of the Awards, belong to renowned companies, media and business representatives from all provinces as well as the Administration Andalusia. A similar representation at regional level, is what makes up the main jury, which will meet in December, chaired by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment.

Source: Extenda

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