Gandaria has participated in the event “Ideas for the Future: Industrial Production Sectors” organized by “El Dia de Cordoba” and sponsored by the Council, County Council and Provincial Consortium of Economic Development.

The event counted on the participation of nine entrepreneurs belonging to diverse sectors as fashion, jewelry, grain storage or livestock equipment and served to highlight the importance of exports in the current financial framework, and the reduction of the tax burden by the government.

Javier Torrero y Juan Lopez

Javier Torrero from Torinco, with Juan Lopez  and Luis J. Perez-Bustamante director of  the newspaper

Juan Lopez presents Silos Cordoba

Juan Lopez Regalon presents our company, Silos Cordoba

Juan Lopez during his exposition

Juan Lopez Regalon in a moment of his exposition

Juan Lopez at Ideas for the Future

 Juan Lopez acknowledged that the current funding system in Spain make us lose competitiveness

Ideas for the Future

Milagrosa Gomez from Amcor, with Francisco J. Luque, General Manager of  Sierragres

 Ideas for the Future Event

Luis J. Perez-Bustamante  with participants in the event Ideas for the Future

More info: El Dia de Cordoba

All above pictures reproduced courtesy of El Dia de Cordoba

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