Grain storage and handling equipment are among the technologies and services needed to feed the world more sustainably, that had a dedicated pavilion at the GFIA 2015 exhibition.

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), the world’s largest showcase of game-changing agricultural innovations and technology that was held in Abu Dhabi from 9-11 March, included a major focus on the reduction of food losses and valorisation of waste, as part of a portfolio of solutions needed to feed the world more sustainably.

Among the distinguished speakers in the opening ceremony, we can mention his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, who presented a video conference. HRH King George Rukidi IV addressed a speech as well as some other renowned personalities from the most important organizations such as FAO and World Bank.

Crucial matters were largely discussed by the main authorities of different fields, but the main focus was on prevention of food losses and waste, innovation and technologies for a climate-smart and sustainable agriculture and smart water resources.

In partnership with Wageningen UR, they organised a side event that comprised a three-day, solutions-oriented conference together with a supporting technology pavilion in the GFIA Exhibition. Technologies and services relating to the food waste reduction and valorisation of waste that were featured:

  • Harvesting technology
  • Handling equipment and initial processing equipment
  • Packing house operations: dumping, washing, waxing, sorting, packing line
  • Primary processing of raw materials
  • Storage technology and equipment
  • Distribution and transportation and cold chain
  • Secondary food processing

Silos Córdoba, a company committed to ensuring safety in the food supply chain of the future, has successfully exhibited its grain storage and handling technologies in the technology pavilion. Here are some pictures of this this extraordinary event, where 102 countries have been represented!

John Kerry at GFIA GFIA Conference

Silos Cordoba en Abu Dhabi

Silos Cordoba at GFIA

Silos Cordoba at GFIA Abu Dhabi

GFIA Welcome Silos Cordoba in Abu Dhabi

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