We are in Paraguay, immersed in the preparation of the upcoming Santa Rita Expo, where Silos Cordoba will be sharing a stand with Panambi in a covered pavillion.

The main objective of EXPO SANTA RITA is to promote all agribusiness activities contributing to the development of the South River region Monday, the Department of Alto Paraná and Paraguay.

The fair will take place from May 3rd  to 12th. We have booked a Salon for May 7th, and we are making the invitations to be distributed to our potential customers interested to attend the launch of Silos Cordoba with Panambi.

On this first visit to Santa Rita prior to the Fair, we have travelled more than 700 kms per day to invite our guests and we can feel the echo and enthusiasm in the audience. This move is due to a change in the Commercial strategy for the Paraguayan market – a extremely competitive market –  of the most representative brands, especially the Brazilian.

Our presence in this fair with Panambi had its origin in the sudden invitation that Panambi made us last August 2012 to share their booth at the IGUAZU Fair, where we exhibited a 2m x 1.5m mural (Iguazu is the region where Panambi has its offices).

For more information about the Santa Rita Fair, you can visit their website: Expo Santa Rita 

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