Gandaria has participated in a report on how the new technologies have revolutionized the cereal storage sector, carried out by Canal Sur technological TV show “EnRed”.

EnRed TV show visited Gandaria facilities to make a video report on SIWA, a software entirely developed in Córdoba, in collaboration with our R&D department.

As indicated by José Cabrera (Director of Organization and Development at Silos Córdoba), SIWA is a program to monitor cereal plants. It arises from the idea of facilitating access to accurate information of their plant, for the owners of grain storage facilities.

SIWA is structured in 4 main areas:

  • How is my grain facility?
  • What does my facility need?
  • History.
  • Recent Alerts.

This information can be easily accessed from a mobile device or a tablet. As José Alcaide (SIWA Development Manager) points out, one of the main concerns when developing the product was to create a very simple, intuitive design, with support documents to make it even more user-friendly.

“From the point of view of the interface design, our concern was that it had to be a very simple design, since the users are not used to new technologies, and are often based on construction sites. We did all we could to make it as easy as possible: removed small buttons, added very large text, used different colors…”

The future of Siwa is to increase the functionalities and to use the data to develop improved products and offer better solutions to our customers.

See the full video report here

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