The closing ceremony of the three sessions «12 Ideas for the Future» organized by the newspaper El Dia de Cordoba was attended by the Mayor of Córdoba, Jose Antonio Nieto; Salvador Fuentes, Vice President of the Council of Cordoba; Francisco Ferraro, Counselor of the Joly group; and Luis J. Perez-Bustamante, the Director of the newspaper, who already participated in previous workshops.

For the closing of the event — in which, exporters and tourism companies from Cordoba discussed ideas to the development of the province and to overcome the crisis — Francisco Ferraro, as Director and professor in applied economics from the University of Seville, transmitted some interesting ideas. One of them was the invitation to conduct mergers to get away from the micro-companies, as these have fewer opportunities of internationalization due to lack of proper infrastructure of company size.

As a second point to note, Ferraro promotes attitudinal change in people, as a necessary step to end the crisis.

Innovation was another interesting subject discussed in this event. Several people contributed to this idea, stating repeatedly that innovation is not just making a different product, but with similar importance, innovation is changing the way we do things, going to a higher level of efficiency. At this point, it is noteworthy the Nieto intervention, who claims to have reduced administrative steps from 20 to 15, and even 17 to 1.

More ideas to implement in our businesses, beyond the industry or country in which we find ourselves, to succeed in international markets.

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