Silos Córdoba

Poultry House Zaragoza, Spain

Project: Ejea de los Caballeros

The poultry house is 125 x 15 meters. Roof is made of sandwich panel 30 mm thick and ceiling is made of plural panels 30 mm thick.

Year 2015.

The project includes


Facade is made with sandwich panel 50 mm thick.


Cooling system comprising four elements of 4800 x 2000 stainless steel panels on either side, with cellulose panels 10 cm thick and 8 independent pumps.


5 lines of drinkers with nipples at a hight of 0.25 m.


40 air inlets windows.


3 silos.


Tunnel ventilation with twelve fans 1.5 hp and two fans 0.5 hp.


4 lines of feeders with dishes at a hight of 0.75 m and elevated electric winch.


4 boilers.


Panel for drug dosing and chlorinator.

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