Silos Córdoba

Hopper Silo Kozowa Ukraine

Project: Bühler Kozowa

Hopper steel silo for corn and cereal.

Year 2013.

The first phase of the project, for the storage of 100.000 tonnes, was built in 2011


The project includes


8 silos model 32.08/15 with a capacity of 16.316 m3 (12.237 T) each.


2 hopper silos model 9.17/15 45º with a capacity of 1.289 m3 (967 T) each.


4 expedition silos model 4.65/4 with a capacity of 108 m3 each.


2 hopper silos model 10.70/14 45º with a capacity of 1.688 m3 (1.266 T) each.


2 hopper silos model 5.35/16 45º with a total capacity of 185 m3 each.


2 truck load silos model 3.50/5 60º with a capacity of 67,8 m3 each.

Hopper steel silo model 5.35/6 60º for the storage of corn and cereal. Total capacity: 165 tonnes.

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